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Invest in

Thai Stock Market


just Trader

If you are looking for investment, look no further. Trading stock is one of the best way for growing your money. All you need to do is analysis financial and graph and then watch your money multiply. It sounds easy but the hardest part is analyze correctly. It is very difficult if you have to begin all by yourself.

That is why I am here to help you. Make the beginning easier for you

Coach Ton's profile

Occupation :  Coaching, Trader, Investor and business owner

Investment Record : Invest in stock market for 10 years using fundamental and technical analysis.

Teaching Record : Teaching both individual and group more than 100 times for past 3 years 

Trading Stock

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step to professional

Begin to invest in stock market is easy. If you begin the right way, you can both save time and money. The course will be teaching from real experience that has been proven over years for making profit


1 full day theory teaching

Course will be teaching 6 hours 1 on 1 in English

Course price 15000,- 

Outside Bangkok  20000,-


*With friend + 5000,- per person

3 month Coaching Class

After finished theory course, you can apply for 3 month coaching class. We will meet each other for 1.5 hours every 2 weeks 6 times. Mostly in this coaching class we will doing practical. See how you trade and improving it!

Course Price 25000,-


เล่นหุ้น fundamental

Fundamental outline

 Trading mindset 

Buy and sell stock

Reading financial statement 

Using application to scan stock

In-dept financial analysis case study

กราฟหุ้น เล่นหุ้น

Technical outline

Using indicator for buy and sell signal:

STO / RSI / MA / BB / Volume
MACD / Support-Resistant

Bid/Offer / Fibonacci

Money management

In-dept graph analysis case study

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